Bruno Mars – It Will Rain Sheet Music

I have loved the Bruno Mars song, “It Will Rain,” ever since I heard it the first time.  Mars has recorded some beautiful songs in his short career, some of them with haunting videos that speak of deeper pain. As a musician, I could see myself buying the sheetmusic for this song to play at home.

This song speaks of a troubled relationship that is struggling to survive, despite outside influences. “There goes my little girl, walking with that troublesome guy,” reflects the feelings of the woman’s parents and how hard it is to sustain a relationship under fire. It really sent a message to me because I am in a similar situation; it can be difficult for others to see that a particular relationship has merit, despite their prejudices.

Mars creates imagery in his videos that is often unique and, at times, surprising. In this video, you can almost feel his pain for him. This speaks to almost anyone who has been hurt in a relationship, that feeling of not being sure you will survive without that special person. His mention of using morphine to kill the pain really hits the mark- how do you endure the gut-wrenching feelings that occur at the end of a deep and loving relationship.

Mars is an excellent music and piano player. I play the piano myself, and feel this sheetmusic would be awesome to play at home, allowing me to experience the music even more fully than watching a video or listening to a song. Being able to play it yourself makes you so much more a part of the music and allows you to see yourself in that musician’s shoes. Although most of us may never have a career in music, through learning and playing the music ourselves we can feel as if we are a part of something special.

Bruno Mars - It Will Rain Sheet Music (Digital Download) - Mozilla Firefox

Bruno Mars - It Will Rain Sheet Music (Digital Download) - Mozilla Firefox